Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I was invited by some friends to go on a sunset sailing around Manila Bay aboard VIVALDI.... it is a 36- footer sloop. It can accommodate 6 people plus the captain and 2 skippers. The Vivaldi is smaller than the Shibumi ( the one I sailed on when I was in Subic a few months ago ). I love sailing on a sailboat... so whenever I get a chance to sail.... I always go!!

Our meeting place was at the Manila Yatch Club in Roxas Boulevard. We all gathered at the club around 4:30pm.

The Manila Yacht Club is the Philippines' premier yatch club, owing its strong reputation to its rich historic past, exciting present, and promising future.

We set out to sail at around 5:00pm.  The weather did not look promising. Earlier that day --- it was showering in Makati. I was scared I might not be able to take photos aboard the Vivaldi.

As we slowly sailed out of the Yatch Club ---- the sun suddenly appeared...." THANK GOD!! Now this is going to be a great sunset after all !! " was all I could say...  We decided to open a bottle of wine and paired it off with pecorino romano ( italian cheese ) with slices of french toast while we waited for the sunset... the famous Manila Bay sunset!!  A perfect setting!! ----  good company, fantastic wine and tangy cheese on a sunset sailing around Manila Bay------What  a perfect combination!! I can't ask for more!!!

What a glorious sunset indeed!!!!! I love to watch sunsets and sunrises. I never fail to take a photo wherever I may be. The Manila Bay sunset is the prettiest sight to see ! What more if you are on a sailboat out there in Manila Bay!

  Join me next time when I go sunset sailing in Manila Bay!

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