Wednesday, April 28, 2010

THE FILLING STATION - Going down memory lane

Iggy asked me if I wanted to join him and Cris on a photo shoot of a pre-nup wedding at a place called " THE FILLING STATION "... which was located at P. Burgos Street in Makati... I would see that joint whenever I go to Power Plant.... but I have never " dared " going inside.. WHY??? my reason was.... the Filling Station was located in the red-light district of Makati.. But today was different ....  there was going to be a pre-nup photo shoot with my son, I said YES immediately.

The Filling Station is an American diner with the 1950's theme, the interiors of which are great conversation pieces.

What entered my mind was......." going to P. Burgos Street " meant.... I was going to go the the sleazy red-light district in Makati. I was hesitant because of its location but... when Iggy told me---- I might like its interiors because it had a very unique theme .... which was the 50's era... That aroused my curiosity!!!!

Most of my friends know I love " oldies " music.... in fact... at that time I  was running around with other " oldies "  enthusiasts, Mel, Johnny, Rene and Danny who were a lot older than me -- because we all shared one common goal.... collecting OLD MUSIC...  I even have a huge collection ( I still have them with me )--- of 3000 long playing records. I collected records from the late 40's up to the 80's-- I even have those colored vinyl records I bought from Taiwan in the early 60's, ---- a few 45 rpm records ( remember those?? ) , a handful of those 78 rpm records, a PIONEER turntable,  and a old AKAI tape recorder ( which had those monstrous 12 inch reels.... that made it looked like an old projector than a tape recorder !! ). Yes, I could have opened my own little bar with my collection of OLDIES. I remembered one time ---- one of the suitors of my sister had a disco joint in one of the posh hotels in the boulevard---  gave me his old DISCO MIXER--- ( he found out I was into OLD MUSIC and slowly collecting my records ) and a HEADPHONE !! Looking back..Those were FUN DAYS!!!... after dinner every night.... I would lock myself in my den and would spend long hours just listening and playing old music... just like a disc jockey!!! I  started to miss those days!!!

There was even a time in the early 80's ( there were no " live band " shows way back then -- ),  when I produced a show which featured my husband's band ( they used to call it " combo " ). I made sure--- it looked like the 50's. I asked everyone to dress in the 50's attire... and the whole place had to have the 50's ambience.... I was able to borrow juke boxes and pinball machines and even had my friends help me string my vinyl records all over the place... It was an instant hit!!! This is why---- going to Filling station made me feel so nostalgic of my teeny-bopper years... How I wish I could bring back the hands of time !!! Oh Well......

 As soon as I entered the place.... I said to myself--- " I LIKE THE DECOR of this joint !! IT brought me down memory lane!! " What really caught my interest were the statues of Batman, Wonder Woman, Elvis, and Superman. I had a great time taking pictures!!!!! Here are some of them.

On the ground floor is a soda fountain/bar that has on display some vintage radio and movie posters.

The walls on the stairway are filled with framed photographs of icons like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe.

On the second floor, there is an eclectic collection of memorabilia aka a 1968 jukebox ( remember that?? ), half a '55 Bel-Air Chevy hanging from the ceiling, an old ice shaver, a life size statute of Elvis Presley, billiard tables ( where everyone gets a chance to play ), an ancient telephone and license plates. Vinyl records and electric guitars decorate the ceiling....

These memorabilias are all aimed at bringing back memories of greasy spoons and the rock n' roll era  It was like a curio shop but better ---- because there was great food..... and that was what I came for...

This is what we ordered...

I ordered mini tacos ... 260 PHP

Iggy and Cris shared the Fairlane Fish Fillet  395 PHP - It was white fish fillet served with squid rings and shrimps flavored with white wine, olive oil and lemon butter sauce. The fillet sat on top of sliced potatoes, vegetables and baked in aluminum foil. According to our waiter-- this was one of the specialty of the joint. It was really tasty!! You should try this dish.

and we had Apple pie with Vanilla ice cream for dessert  150 PHP --- another dish I would recommend for you to try too! Ask them to heat the apple pie before serving it to you!


The ambience of the place reminds you of a replica of an American diner ( they have Mel's Diner in the States )---- old coaches turned into restaurant seats where most truck drivers stop and eat burgers, shakes, malts, steaks and fries.

IT was very clean!!! The servers were friendly too ... Their servings were HUGE and good to share, plus they were delicious!! Their surroundings and over-all feel really contributed to my whole outlook of the place...and??? the most important factor of all..... the Filling Station is opened 24/7!!!!!


The Filling Station is opened 24 hours every day, and it offers appetizers, soups, salads, breakfast fare, omelletes, burgers, sandwiches, specialty of the house are the Fairlane steak and prawns, T-Bird fried chicken, Corvette buffalo wings Ford fish and chips.


The Filling Station isn't hard to find if you look for the Royal Bellagio Hotel at P. Burgos Street. It is at your left when you are going towards the Power Plant.. If you are going there with your car, you can't park in front of the place. There simply is no place to park there unless you come early enough. The Royal Bellagio Hotel offers valet for free and the guard can just bring your valet slip up to you in the Filling Station once it is ready.

I was really amazed when I went to this diner... I admit I had a lot of misgivings about trying it out because of the area ( it was right smack in the middle of the red light district ) --- but I was pleasantly surprised that the diner itself was very clean and really funky!! Let's just say it has a personality .... LOTS and... LOTS of personality. I loved the vintage collections decorating the diner and MOST OF ALL .... I loved the music!!!! it really brought me back to the 50's and 60's. Don't be surprised if you see someone breaking into a TWIST or a mean BOOGALOO.... I can truly say that this is an authentic diner!! THIS PLACE ROCKS!!!

            I TRULY LOVED the FILLING STATION!!!! It brought back good MEMORIES!!


P. Burgos Street, Makati City
tel. nos. 897  2053 to 57

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