Friday, April 30, 2010


The Filipino Heritage Festival spearheaded by Bambi Harper, Armita Rufino and Chichi Salas formally opened the Philippine Heritage Month last night with a thanksgiving mass at the Manila Cathedral in Intramuros, Manila. It was officiated by Archisbishop Jesus Dosado of Ozamis. The mass kicks off a month long fiesta of specially chosen activities dwelling on the rich heritage of the Philippines and its filipino people.

The Philippine Heritage 2010 is a month long nationwide celebration all over the Philippines. The highlight of this celebration will be the dance presentation at the Cultural Center of the Philippines ( CCP ) -- the Ifugao epic HUDHUD will be chanted and danced on May 21 and 22. This epic reflects the creativity and the wealth of the Ifugao traditions which make them a worthy contribution to our nation's rich culture. It will feature the Tungngod Elementary School Hudhud chanters and the Haggiyo Traditional Ensemble Group, the production is conceptualized and directed by Floy Quintos, under the musical direction of Jesse Lucas and the choreography of Gener Caringal. You should not miss this... This is a must-see!!

It featured the Misa Baclayana, a musical score set for the mass performed by the Loboc Children's Choir from Bohol.

This choir won the gold medal in the Children's Choir Category in the 6th Folksongs Festival held in Barcelona, Spain in 2003.

Other openers include the " INTRAMUROS IS FOREVER " photo exhibit competition held at the Palacio de Gobernador Lobby across the Manila Cathedral. It was headed by Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation ( FPPF ) Lito Beltran and the Intramuros Administration which had a top prize of 25,000 PHP.  The subject of the competition is INTRAMUROS.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the exhibit.... If I were one of the judges in this competition-- I would have voted for these photos...

and here are the winners of the photo exhibit competition.

The Filipino Heritage Month will end in Palawan where there will be a tour of Honda Bay and food festival that will feature local delicacies like crocodile meat and tamilok ( a worm-like mollusk that lives in the mangroves).

                    Follow me as I follow the activities of the PHILIPPINE HERITAGE MONTH!!   

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