Monday, May 24, 2010

BORACAY Escapade Part 1

The beautiful island of Boracay has much to share to its guests and visitors. This island is not only for people who love to bask under the sun in white sand beaches and those who love to swim in the island's sparkling waters. It is also for those who love adventure ( like me ) as well. People who go to Boracay do not only enjoy the island's white sands and crystal blue waters; they also enjoy doing different activities in this enchanting island in the Philippines.

If you are one of those people who are thinking of visiting Boracay but do not know what it awaits you there, this article will give you an idea of what to expect in the island. Here are a few things you can do in Boracay Island.


The fastest way to get to Boracay is by plane, but most air passengers first stop in Caticlan, a tiny mainland town which is home to the nearest airport to Boracay. Many flights aboard turboprop airplanes leave from Manila Domestic Airport. The distance between Caticlan's airport  to the seaport where you catch an outrigger boat is only 10 minutes on foot. However, there are also other planes that fly to Kalibo, whose airport is bigger than that of Caticlan. After their arrival in Kalibo, visitors must travel to Caticlan by bus for about an hour and half, then walk to Caticlan port to catch one of the many outrigger boats ( bancas ) which sail to Boracay.

Last year I was in Boracay with my sister and her family and a good friend of mine, Oskie.  It was the first time I rode on a motorized boat ( which was part of his package )-- used as transportation of our luggages from his hotel to the airport of Caticlan... I felt like I was one of James Bond's girl friday---- flying thru the waves towards the airport.... it was  indeed a very nice experience !!

Today, I am heading once again to Boracay with Iggy, Cris and little Una... to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. We will be staying at ELIZADE resthouse.

I had my own cabana.

Motorized tricycles are the most frequently seen vehicles on the island of Boracay itself, and the rates are reasonable for visitors wishing to use these tricycles as taxis. A word of advise when riding the tricycle ---- use handkerchiefs. These are suggested for passengers because the seats of these tricycles are located above the exhaust pipes.

Getting around the island of Boracay is simple and easy. For you to go from a place to another, you can use any of the three transportation means: Tricycles and Pedicabs,  motorbikes and bicycles or shuttle bus service from your hotels. There are hardly any taxi cabs in the island because everything can be done by means of walking. You can see almost every visitor walking barefoot around this magnificent island. 

In addition to relaxing and lazing by the beach, Boracay also offers countless activities for water sport lovers, scuba diving --  ( some lessons are taught in French, German and other languages ), snorkeling, wind-surfing, sailing, parasailing, water skiing, banana boat riding etc. There is also an 18-hole golf course for golf-addicts.

And to burn the extra calories you induced, try walking it off by looking around the interesting shops and markets open to all curious buyers. The most important shopping item to buy if you are in Boracay is beach  apparel like batik shirts and sandals as there is nothing more unsightly than a newbie walking under the warm sun in baggy jeans and nylon shirt.

I even saw one japanese girl walking around wearing wedge heel shoes... God forbid!!

In Boracay , there are at least 300 hotels that can serve your every need while you are enjoying your stay in the beautiful and stunning island of Boracay. You will agree that a summer getaway in Boracay is second to none!!

Here are 2 of the hotels that are " MUST SEE " while in BORACAY:


It boasts of being the first luxury hotel built in Boracay. Discovery Shores is located in Station 1.

and SHANGRILA BORACAY Island Resort and Spa ---

It is one of the newest resort s on the island of Boracay and probably the biggest one so far. It is located in a secure, beachfront position overlooking two breathtaking white sandy bays on the picturesque island of Boracay. The place is so big that they have golf carts all over the place to bring the visitors around the resort.

The cost of staying at the Shangrila is $300/night and up to $1500/night for the hill-top villas.

I have said this and I will say it again...Boracay never disappoints you !! It doesn't matter how many times you have been there... and If you have never been there before, it doesn't matter how many people hyped about it and raised your expectations to the highest level.... from the moment you arrive .. Boracay guarantees to take your breath away !!!


  1. Wow what a beautiful place, boracay is the best ever. Where did you stay in boracay?

    Tanya Gemarin

  2. wow! hanggang beach, todo porma parin yung japanese ah. hahaha... siguro sanay naman sa mga ganyang kataas na footwear.

    sarap naman dyan esp. sa discovery shoes and shangrila boracay. T.T