Tuesday, May 4, 2010

THE ROOM UPSTAIRS @ the LRI Business Plaza

The LRI Business Plaza on Nicanor Garcia street ( formerly known as Reposo ) has become a place where you can find home furnishings and art works under one roof. Only a few stories high, the LRI has around 30 stores and galleries showcasing artworks of some of the country's visual artists. Most of the shops feature contemporary paintings and modern furniture. There are 2 restaurants that I have tried in this building... Cafe Caruso ( at the ground floor )... and The Room Upstairs ( which I am trying out today ).

The concept of The Room Upstairs is to create a hub where people seek a balance of good food and good sense of style. It is a furniture shop that allows you to slump onto a designer chair and also have a cozy meeting at the same time.

I together with Iggy and Cris joined Rommel for a photoshoot with some commercial models for a brochure at The Room Upstairs. While waiting for the models to arrive we had a quick lunch and here was what we had. The food at The Room Upstairs is Italian.

Iggy had Spaghetti with Sardines and Sun-dried Tomatoes Pasta   190 PHP

Cris and I had the Taco Salad  190 PHP.

Where else can you find a home boutique where you can experience  each precious home pieces while sipping your favorite coffee. The Room Upstairs is a coffee shop that sells more than just cakes and your favorite brew.

The Room Upstairs is a perfect example of how a furniture shop can feel " homey " with the presence of a coffee shop. It is a good way to attract not only homeowners but a variety of people who may not even have thoughts of selecting furniture on their minds...


LRI Business Plaza, 2nd level
Nicanor Garcia St. ( Reposo )
Bel-Air , Makati

tel. nos.  899 9318

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