Thursday, May 27, 2010

BORACAY Escapade Part 2

Boracay's attractions do not stop at its natural beauty. A wide range of accommodation serving every visitor's lifestyles is available on the island. To satisfy every palate and for the night-lovers, Boracay's beachfront is lined with varied international restaurants, open-air bars, karaoke bars and discos. During the day, tourists having a soothing massage under the shade of a coconut tree beside the shoreline is a common sight. And from dusk to dawn, Boracay turns into one big party place where everyone is welcome to join in.

Boracay indeed boasts of sugary white sand beach and azure blue waters. The best part of the island is the four-kilometer White Beach known to be the " finest beach in the world ". The surrounding water is shallow and the sand is finer and brighter than most beaches in the archipelago.

Boracay white beach is divided into 3 boat stations of which station 2 and 3 are the most popular for backpackers and youngsters. In the evening, boat station 2 is filled with music and endless group chats. It is the most tourist friendly station as it houses a strip of not- so-expensive restaurants. Boat station 1 us where most of the high-end hotels are located at. It is the most tranquil boat station in Boracay.... Last year when I was here with my sister and her family --- we stayed at station 1 ---- but I would hangout all the time at station 2 where the action was till  evening.


Another place to find unique Boracay souvenirs is the D'MALL Shopping Center, it is really not a mall , but it is a scenic outdoor boardwalk. Life's a circus at D'MALL carnival. D'MALL has always something new to offer all the time. There are carnival thrills and rides for your inner child.

Boracay souvenirs ranging from native hats, hand-painted shirts, hand-woven necklaces and bracelets are just a few of the many items you could easily buy from any parts of the island.  Get your hands too on souvenir merchandise like exquisite woodcarvings, antique furniture and native lamps. The  " IN " thing among the young tourists is the henna and permanent tattooing.

For nature lovers, Boracay island has definitely someghing in store for you. There is the Bat Cave - where giant bats with wingspan reaching up to four feet have been sighted. Or you can go to Mount Luho -- which is the island's highest elevation.

For visitors who are also interested in environment, the Boracay Butterfly Gardens on Bulabog beach is also a must-see. 


** GET A BORACAY TAN -- grab your sunblock and suntan lotion and head out for the beach for a quick tan. Get into the island vibe as quickly as possible.

** OGLE at the hunks and babes in their skimpy swimsuits.

** PARAW SAILING - Although this time I was not able to go paraw sunset sailing because we had an infant with us... but ... I suggest that you try this while you are here in Boracay. Paraw sailing is one of the best ways to explore the different islands of Boracay. Instead of exploring the island on foot, you can hire the services of paraw boat owners and explore the island by sea. The paraw boat owners can serve as your travel guide while sightseeing and island hopping. These paraw boats are basically outrigger boats with single hulls. They are usually manned by a skipper. They are made only of bamboo and wood but these boats are extremely sturdy and seaworthy.

** WATCH THE SUNSET--- Just before sunset, you will enjoy the view of all the vintas  ( paraws to the local people ) and the sails of different colors. These boats can be rented for a quick sunset island hopping. But if I had a choice --- I would rather watch the sunset on the beach and take photos as the sun goes down. Sunset and sunrise are my favorite time of the day!! I try to take shots of sunsets and sunrises wherever I may be.

** HAVE A MASSAGE ON THE BEACH -- at the  end of the day, unwind with a relaxing massage. The island never runs out of skilled masseurs offering massage services by the beach... THIS WAS MY FAVORITE........ I would always look forward to having a massage every afternoon... On the last day of my trip to Boracay I smelled like  " BIBINGKANG LATIK. " For those who would like to splurge on their massages--- they have Mandala Spa..



** BUILD  SANDCASTLES.. The locals are adept on this craft and I think that no other beaches in the world has such amazing talent just like what these people are doing.  These sandcastles come in different sizes, some are big while others are small. Building sandcastles has generated income from tourists. In the morning, they would build the sandcastles while the sun in not yet that hot. They would put a jar there so that people ca give them a tip for their job well done and of course you can take the photo of their sandcastle.  In the evening, they put candles around the sandcastle so that tourists can still have their photo ops at night.

** GO ISLAND HOPPING!--- It is advisable to take a half-day island hopping which will bring you to the Crocodile island, Puka Beach ( the sand here is absolutely astounding!! ) , crystal cave and snorkeling areas among others. Each boat for an island hopping maybe rented for 1500 PHP.

** SCUBA DIVING -- this is one of the most popular things that visitors do in Boracay. There are lots of scenic spots for people who love to explore the beauty of the seaworld. If you do not know how to scuba dive, you can take scuba diving classes in one of the scuba diving schools in the island.

** HELMET DIVE -- I tried this sport last year. It was fun!!! You put on a glass helmet made of fiber glass and lowered to sea with a hose of air attached to your helmet until you are comfortably on terra firma again. You can watch the fishes go by, chase them on foot, feed them by hand and explore the sea bed without using fins. Yes, you can breathe fresh air normally inside your headgear, no snorkel or scuba mask is needed.

** WATCH the fire dancers perform on the beach at night.. Fire dancing ( also known as " fire spinning ") is a group of performance arts or disciplines that involve manipulation of objects on fire. This is one of the popular attraction in Boracay. It has been a traditional part of cultures from around the world, and the modern fire performance often includes visual and stylistic elements from many traditions. Firedancing is often performed to music.

*** TAKE A STROLL along the 4 kilometer white beach and bring a camera with you ----- you will never what interesting finds await you in this paradise island.

** Rent an All-Terrain Vehicle ( ATV ) and make like you're conquering the desert dunes.

Now easily ranked as one of the best beaches in the world, Boracay is now an international tourist destination where people all over the world flock to when vacation season hits. With good quality beaches, the beautiful scenery and a thriving nightlife for those seeking it, Boracay is slowly becoming the place to be during the summer months.


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