Saturday, June 26, 2010

CITYCENTER- The beginning of a new Vegas

If you were to go to any great city, most have at least one great place or area that people from around the world come to visit, that the city is renowned for. When they're empty, they're beautiful architecturally.

But when they are full, they are enlivened with people sitting, eating at cafes outdoors, walking around shopping in and out of stores or just walking around a fountain whatever they might be doing, there  is a sense of energy that is garnered from that experience.... and that alone makes it a wonderful experience.

One of the best things about Las Vegas is that there is something for everyone to enjoy no matter what your interests are. It doesn't matter if you are a Vegas regular, or you have never been there, there is always something new to check out and probably something you haven't tried out yet.

In Vegas, neon is definitely an art form, so head downtown and check out the Neon Museum. It has a self-guided tour of 10 fully restored neon signs, all located downtown. What I heard from the locals of Las Vegas is that if you're downtown on the first Friday of the month, the city's arts district hosts a festival covering more than 20 city blocks where you can make the rounds of all the galleries and shops.

I was able to visit the City Center dubbed as the new capital of the world ... It is located between the Bellagio and Monte Carlo Resorts on the Las Vegas Strip. Never mind the recession and the global crisis -- this glittering complex with its chic hotels, exclusive high end shops and fine dining restaurants is seen as the start of the " new " urban sin city. CityCenter formally opened its doors to the public in December 2009.

The CityCenter is an equally impressive feat. Visually stunning glass and steel buildings that reach toward the sky at various angles, traversing the Las Vegas Strip landscape. Indoor and outdoor atmosphere appeals to the guests offering dynamic public art, landscaped pocket parks and several pedestrian friendly walkways.

Inside the CityCenter:

My favorite sculptures and pieces of art inside and all around the CityCenter:

Ice sculpture....

Whatever kind of trip you are planning, whether it is to enjoy the nightlife, or take advantage of recreational opportunities available around the city, I have put a guide on what to do when you are in Vegas..... It will be on my next blog.

Remember the name.... CityCenter..... do your own walking tour around the area and enjoy the upscale ultra modern edifice!!