Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Two Celebrations in ONE DAY !

It was a double celebration --- We were celebrating the birthday of a good friend, Joyce and the victory of the Lakers over the Boston Celtics. The venue was at a restaurant/sports bar in Woodland Hills called THE RACK. This was my first time to go to a SPORTS BAR in Los Angeles. I did not know what to expect!

Since it was also the finals for the Lakers that day--- we were advised to be at the restaurant very early ( we all met at 5:30pm ) --By the time we got to THE RACK --- the place was getting to be very rowdy. It was very tense that afternoon.. People were outside the restaurant trying to get in.... the manager of the place kept trying to control the inflow of the crowd trying to get a seat in the bar... He was asking people who did not have ANY reservations to LEAVE...There were a lot of teenagers were dressed in the yellow and purple jerseys ( color of the Lakers ).

We were lucky day that day...  Peter, Joyce's husband , was able to reserve a table for all of us.  As I entered the restaurant I noticed so many television sets strategically placed all over the place.. Waiters running around serving the hungry crowd, getting additional orders etc.

As we were ushered to our table, I saw a fire truck parked outside the bar, an ambulance and some security guards and policemen outside the restaurant .. The manager of the restaurant kept on asking the crowd to stay on their seats and clear the aisles since the fire marshall was going in to check the place to see whether they were following the rules on seating capacity of the place, etc.

The game started at  exactly 6:00pm.... the crowd was getting to be very noisy and excited about the game. While the game was going on --- we decided to order something to eat..

As the game was going on --- we were busy with our little party going on-- unable to hear what the other person was saying because the crowd was screaming their lungs out...especially on the last 10 minutes of the game... where the Lakers lead for the first time!! This time everyone was standing and cheering the team---- every shot they made--- the crowd would raise their arms and scream more....  ( as I watched them--- I wondered to myself ... " so this is what goes on inside a sports bar during a game !!" )..

With all the commotion going on --- our group did our thing........ we got to sing our " happy birthday song " to Joyce and she gamely opened her gifts and cards.

 Happy birthday again dear JOYCE !!! May you have more birthdays to come!


  1. That burger looked goooood !

  2. It's KOBE BEEF BURGER !!! really good!