Monday, June 28, 2010

PORTO'S Bakery & Cafe- QUE SABROSO !!

Porto's is a bakery and a deli all in one. Porto's have 2 locations. One in Glendale and another one in Burbank. I was able to go with my classmates to the one in Glendale. They were all raving about the pastries of Porto's. One of my classmates was asking me to try their " MEDIA NOCHE " sandwiches. These are traditional Cuban sandwiches. They are filled with ham, melted Swiss cheese, and a tangy mustard. These sandwiches are usually served with fried banana chips on the side which perfectly compliments the dish.

However, because of its great tasting pastries and food, the lines at Porto's are always endless, but don't get put off----- the pastries alone are worth the wait.

These are some of the best pastries available. The prices are affordable, and they have a great variety of sandwiches, cakes, meat pies, the famous Potato and Ham Balls and they serve very good coffee. While I was waiting in line ( yes, they have long lines inside Porto's )... they started giving out little samples of a new pastry called GUAVA/Cheese Pastry... It was so good!!! Another must try at Porto's! 

Their cakes and pastries have attractive artsy presentation. Great colors and details !! Sometimes it looked too pretty to eat ! According to my friend, here are some of the cakes you MUST TRY...

 PARISIAN CHOCOLATE CAKE - it is devil's food chocolate cake which is layered and decorated with chocolate whipped cream and finished with chocolate shavings,.......

CUBAN CAKE - it is a yellow sponge cake soaked in brandy syrup. There are 2 kinds of fillings you can choose from --- a custard filling or a pineapple flavored custard filling. Topped with meringue.

CHOCOLATE RASPBERRY MOUSSE - it has a layer of rich chocolate-fudge cake, white sponge cake and raspberry mousse. the topping is decorated with an assortment of fresh fruits.

CHOCOLATE GRAND MARNIER MOUSSE - it has thin layers of chocolate mousse and chiffon cake soaked in Grand Marnier syrup and a touch of orange marmalade. It has Belgian chocolate shavings on top

There are several lines to wait in, depending on what you are there for. There is a cake line, beverage line, pastry line and a food line. Everything in the menu is D-E-L-C-I-O-U-S !!

Here are some of the other stuff being offered at Porto's:

and the famous POTATO BALLS.... which everyone raves about!!

Vegetarians are out of luck in this, unfortunately, because the crust encases a savory meat filling. These are called POTATO BALLS.. The filling is surrounded by smooth mashed potatoes and baked to golden perfection,, so carnivores like me --- this like a ball of heaven. It reminded me of what I used to prepare a long time ago... a dish called sheperds pie this time it is shaped like a ball that looked like those Spanish croquettes which I used to eat when I was in Spain.

The place is simply awesome!!! what a gem !! The variety of cakes will make your head spin! Their prices are reasonable. This place is no secret for people living in the valley or in Los Angeles.. so be prepared to see long lines at lunchtime and on weekends. The lines may be very long but it moves very quickly. There are at least a dozen efficient and friendly staff working behind the counter ( no matter what day or time you come ) --- to help you out with your orders.

I love FOOD and I  especially love SWEETS !! This place has a wide selection of sweets and if you ever need a cake for any occassion. If you want something different and something to satisfy your comfort zone..... go to PORTO's .... I highly recommend this place!!!! Great pastries, sandwiches and cakes !!!  Why not try it out for yourself !!

I'd like to say " THANK YOU " to my classmates who introduced PORTO'S Bakery & Cafe to me.. I loved the cheese rolls and the potato balls!! I will try out their " media noche " sandwiches the next time I visit PORTO'S.

If you ever thought of looking for authentic Cuban pastry --- you found it !! PORTO'S provides that taste that makes you think... " I am in CUBA !!! "


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