Thursday, February 17, 2011

HAWKER 101 FOOD HOUSE- A hole in the wall restaurant in Makati!

My son, Tommie, has been telling me about Hawkers 101 ( or Hawkers for short ) for some time now... He said that it was located at the Campos Rueda Building in Makati, where he together with his officemates would  frequent this place for lunch where they would have quick and reasonable meals. His restaurant review on Hawkers sounded nice and made me want to try out the place. He also told me that Hawkers 101 is also a " hole-in-the-wall "  Singaporean restaurant that caters to the working crowd of Makati. He suggested that we should try the Hainanese chicken.

I decided to go and check out the place with Iggy and Cris the other evening. Upon entering the place -- I noticed how clean it was. Posted on the walls are photographs of Chinese natives. After taking a few minutes browsing their menu... here was what we had:

Hainanese Chicken ( 150 PHP )

Seafood Curry (  170 PHP )

Chili Prawns ( 320 PHP )

Hawkers also serves rice bowls that are reasonably priced for 100 PHP ( which is served with soup and juice ).

I liked it!!! If you work near the area and you want a quick and reasonably priced meal, Hawker 101 Food House is the place to go!! Believe it  or not, Hawkers 101, that little hole-in-the-wall restaurant is not that bad restaurant after all!!!


Unit 102 Campos Rueda Building
101 Urban Avenue, Makati 

Tel. nos. 886 7329

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  1. In my last trip to Singapore, I had barely enough time to comb the area near the Suntec convention center for hawkers' stalls. Now, you have just made my day with this wonderful find! Definitely a must-visit place for this person who has grown to love hawker food -- and the spicier the better!