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Seafood is the most delicious food consumed in Asia, if it is fresh. For this reason we must choose a fresh fish from wet markets. Most of the groceries will store the fish for a few days before they sell it. To buy fresh seafood, like crabs, squids and fish, I would advise you to choose carefully and avoid buying it in the evening.

There are a variety of seafood, which we can have it fresh just like in Japanese restaurants. In this page I will share with you some of the best ways to choose fresh seafood items. Fresh seafood produces better results and provides the consumer with delicious food when it is cooked. On the other hand spoiled seafood will distort the outcome of our cooking.

Some tips to know on how to identify the freshness of your seafood:

Just by touching the squid you can find out its freshness, If the squid is soft and there is a change of the color in the skin and has a fishy smell, this indicates that the squid is not fresh anymore. Fresh squid is when the skin is slightly harder and looks fresh.

For prawns we must look at the head of the prawns. They must be firm. Look at the head if it is still intact with the body. Normally for fresh prawns the head will be intact with the body, if not... we can identify it by the smell.

It is the easiest item to check its freshness, Just smell the crab and if it smells then it is not fresh anymore. Another way is to touch the claw, if it moves then the crab is still alive and still is fresh.

Let me share with you my recipe of mixed seafood teppanyaki...

MIXED SEAFOOD TEPPANYAKI ( serves 2 persons )


1 pc. prawn - deveined
1 pc. squid - cut into 5 slices
1 pc. mushroom - sliced
6 pcs. oysters
1/4 kilo tuna - sliced diagonally
1/4 kilo lapu lapu - sliced diagonally
1/2 bell pepper - cut into stips
green onions
white onions and garlic
salt and pepper to taste


*  Heat wok and grease lightly using vegetable oil. Saute chopped white onions and  garlic.

*  add sliced mushrooms and fish. Mix well. Do not overcook.

*  pour a little mirin ( or dry sherry ).

*  season with salt, pepper and kikkoman soy sauce.

*  serve immediately.

Wasn't that easy to make??? In my video -- it took merely 2 minutes cooking time for this dish... Why don't you try out this dish..


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