Saturday, May 7, 2011

My adventure to Hanoi ( part 2 ) A dining experience at Wild Lotus

( Welcome to Hanoi )

Since this was going to be our first dinner here in Hanoi--- I wanted to try something traditional yet trendy and chic. So we tried Wild Lotus on Nguyen Du. Wild Lotus was suggested to us by our friends, Jaqui and Boom. They were in Hanoi a week earlier with their daughters and they liked it. Jaqui told us to try out the  fresh rice paper spring rolls. We decided to take Tom, our tour guide with us to Wild Lotus. 

If you just look from the outside --- it looked like any other restaurant in Hanoi. It had simple carved wooden doors -- it looked so unassuming.. Upon entering Wild Lotus you will be greeted by a small pond which was tastefully done -- you will walk through a modern zen garden and climb up a flight of stairs to the main restaurant which was located on the second floor of the building. It somehow reminds you of a Spa rather than a restaurant.

Inside, the ambience of Wild Lotus is very upscale and chic. Dimly lit rooms with earth tone walls covered with stylized murals surround the tables with velvet chairs and fresh flowers on each table. 

Wild Lotus serves modernized Vietnamese cuisine. So after looking at their menu.. Here was what we shared :

Rice paper spring rolls with shrimp and mango. 

Deep fried spicy crab cakes

Cauliflower tempura

Duck with orange sauce

Overall, I would say that Wild Lotus is expensive by Vietnamese standards. The service, by Hanoi standards, was definitely good. The food that is served at Wild Lotus is essentially modern Vietnamese so if you are after the real Vietnamese food experience.... this is not the place to come. But if you like good food in great surroundings you can't go wrong dining at Wild Lotus.

( Goodbye ! )


52 Nguyen Du
Hanoi, Vietnam
tel. ( 04 ) 943 9342

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