Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My adventure to Hanoi ( part 6 ) A walking tour to Cua Bac, Citadel and the Museum of Fine Arts

( Welcome to Hanoi ! )

After a good night's sleep... We were ready for another day doing our walking tour around the city of Hanoi. As we left our hotel for our walking tour with Tom, the weather seemed to cool down... it was pleasant after the slight drizzle last night..

Come and join me as I walk to the places we are about to visit in PHAN DINH PING STREET.... the most beautiful street in Hanoi... This street is lined with huge acacia trees on both sides of the street.
I wanted to take a photo of the whole street but that meant I had to be in the middle of the street in order to get a wide angle shot----- there were many motorbikes on the road that day --- I could not take any shots of Phan Dinh Ping Street. 

While I was walking down the street, I was trying to imagine myself---- walking down Phan Dinh Phing street watching the golden leaves fall from the acacia trees on an autumn afternoon and listening to the church bells ring..... it seemed like a perfect setting in an old war movie!!


Cua Bac was built in the early 1930's by a French architect, Ernest Hebrard. It was also around this time when Hebrard began his urban plan to redesign the city of Hanoi. It is one of the major churches in Hanoi. Cua Bac is officially called QUEEN OF THE CATHOLIC SAINT. 


The Citadel was destroyed and restored many times. At present, only the North Gate of the Citadel still remains. 

On its walls, are traces of bullets left by the French army attacking Hanoi. 


This museum was founded in 1966. It displays art works and objects of the various minority groups in Vietnam. Like most museums, we cannot take photos inside the museum. They had cameras all over the place --- just to make sure no one takes photos. 

I really enjoyed my visit to the Museum of Fine Arts. You will see large scrolls, ceramics, lacquerware and artifacts that date back as far as the pre-historic times. I highly recommend this museum for art lovers who are interested in Asian art and design, this is a good place to see the development of Vietnam's artistic culture!!


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