Monday, May 16, 2011

My adventure to Hanoi ( part 5 ) Street food of Hanoi

( Welcome to Hanoi ! )

Hanoi must be the street food capital of the world. Despite the throngs of motorbikes along the narrow edge of the narrow lanes, local entrepreneurs still find space to set up a street food restaurant. Typically these comprise of several sets of miniature plastic tables and chairs, a couple of cooking stoves and a whole family running the show. It's a family affair with everyone working on something whether it is preparing the spring onions on the side or cooking the fried rice in the wok.

Despite the variety of street food available --- most places will serve only one or two dishes. If the person sitting next to you is eating something that looks appealing , just point at their meal and the job is done.

There is food being sold in every corner, and some of it is delicious and some not so... but don't be afraid to try.

Here are some photos I took while I was walking in Vietnam...

It seems that at some of the more popular street restaurants, customers will sacrifice themselves to get that tasty dish, even at the mercy of the road. I can completely understand that some foods are worth the risk!! Bread sellers plop their baked goods in the street for maximum exposure, forcing traffic to weave around them. In Vietnam... it's their way of life!!


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