Friday, May 27, 2011

My adventure to Hanoi ( Part 8 ) Women's Museum

( Welcome to Hanoi ! )

Despite being a patriarchal society, Vietnam still reserves a special place to honor Vietnamese women. They have built a WOMEN'S MUSEUM... and we were very lucky to see the place opened!! All the other places we visited were closed for the holidays. 

The architecture of this building is simply amazing!!! Rising over the marble floor is a dome shaped ceiling modeled after a woman's breast. 

Under the dome stands a pure gold statue by Nguyen Phu Cuong. Standing tall with a male child on her shoulder. It projects an impression of strength and dynamism while retaining the gentleness, femininity and beauty of the Vietnamese woman.

There was an exhibition going on at the top floor by Minh Puong, so we decided to start from the very top and work our way going down. Here are some of my favorite paintings of her exhibit. 

As we walked through the Women's museum .. a noteworthy aspect that is not to be missed is the section  featuring mannequins displaying the traditional dress of the 54 minority groups of Vietnam. The collection in this museum spans from from the traditional attire to its modern interpretation. 

 Their traditional wedding dresses..

The jewelries that they wore..

and the everyday activities of the Vietnamese women like weaving, cooking and looking after their children.

The Women's Museum is definitely a MUST SEE when you are in Vietnam!!



36 Pho Ly Thuong Kiet
Hanoi, Vietnam

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  1. Some of the artifacts on display remind me of the ones i have seen in the museums in the Mountain Province. I like the intricate details in the ornaments and clothing.