Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Goldenberg Mansion

location : 840 Solano Street, Arlegui Manila

The Goldenberg Mansion (so called after the previous owners) was informally referred to by Mrs. Marcos as the 'big antique.' A historic structure built by the Eugster family about a hundred years ago. It is the most elegant example of late 19th century Filipino residential architecture. According to the MalacaƱang website, the house is "a remodeled and enlarged 1930s mansion owned by the Laperal family. It later housed the Japanese Embassy, the National Library and the Presidential Economic Staff, one of the agencies that was later merged with another to constitute the present National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA). It was exquisitely restored by Architect Leandro Locsin in 1971.

It held Mrs. Marcos' collection of excavated porcelain and pottery, Ban Chieng prehistoric pottery from Thailand and Filipiniana book rarities, and treasures such as a statue from Angkor and Chinese jade furniture.

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  1. Originally, Imelda bought it and called it as her ancestor's house, but also near malacanang was the house of her father, including the garage where Imelda lived. During her stay in malacanang, she opted to demolish the house to erase her past.