Friday, May 15, 2009

Kusina Salud, San Pablo, Laguna

San Pablo, better known as the City of Seven Lakes, is a geographical wonder as such a relatively small area is home to seven very beautiful lakes. It is home to many hot springs as well many places where one can see the unspoiled beauty of nature. The best things about San Pablo is its close proximity to Manila. It is just a short two hour ride away.

KUSINA SALUD -- provides an enriching cultural experience that emphasizes Filipino cuisine and artisanship in a verdant environment. Opened in October 2004, Kusina Salud features an enchanting ambience created by Filipiniana textile artist Patis Tesoro, and a unique preparation of modern Filipino cuisine by Chef Paul Poblador and his talented team. There is also a mini aviary and a souvenir store where you can get some of the laguna delicacies for pasalubong. We were served breakfast of champorado, daing, fried suman with mango bits, garlic rice, bistek filipino and scrambled eggs.

Later on we had a demonstration of Chef Paul Poblador on how to make the PAKO ( Fern ) Salad...

HOW to make Pako Salad:

-- arrange the pako on your plate.
-- grate cheese on top of greens
-- grate salted egg on top of greens
-- add slices of tomatoes and onions
-- make dressing : mayonnaise, mustard, calamansi juice, little bagoong, mix well and pour dressing on top of greens.

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