Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ugu Bigyan's Secret Garden with the Ultimate Tour....

location: Tiaong, Quezon

Augusto "Ugu" Bigyan is a ceramics artist. Ugu produces dinnerware sets, decorative tiles and accent pieces for finishing walls and flooring. Very evident in his pottery are his leaves. I was able to catch a demonstration of how his leaf is made. Original and creative ceramic pieces spilled from the house through out the garden, where Ugo shares his art to those who wish to experience dining al fresco in one of the Balinese inspires huts and partake a meal on his signature leaf plates. The place is not easy to find. There are no markers, no signs along the road. But people still strive to find this great, relaxing place in Tiaong, Quezon Province. There’s good food, zen-like garden, and of course, pretty pottery items. It’s a long drive from Manila, but it’s worth it. Occasionally, Ugu gives pottery and cooking lessons. It’s an ideal place for people wishing to de-stress on a weekend. Ugu's Pottery goes on sale twice a year... once on May 15 ( in celebration for the pahiyas festival ) and on August 15 ( his birthday )...

We had lunch there and this was our menu: Clam soup Tahong with mustard leaves Sauteed Shrimps Grilled Pork Ribs Kulawo ( banana heart ) Pako ( fern ) salad Crunchy Calamares Sweet and sour Fish fillet with mango salsa Iced Buko juice Guinumis ( for dessert )

I was able to get the recipe of one of his signature dishes. It is called KULAWO. here are the ingredients and how to prepare it in case you want to do this one day. I liked this dish This can be used as an appetizer or as a main dish. - puso ng saging / banana heart ( cut into strips ) - cane vinegar - Garlic - salt and pepper to taste - grated coconut meat 1. Grate the coconut meat. Once it is done put it in a metal container and set it aside. Get heated charcoal and place it on top of the grated coconut. Then mix it . It will give you the smokey flavor . 2. when the meat turns brown mash it with cane vinegar and get cheesecloth to remove the juice ( pure coconut milk or gata ) from the coconut meat. 3. Then in another bowl mix onions, garlic, coconut milk and the coconut meat. Add the banana heart the last.
This tour was made possible by Anton Diaz and Ivan Man Dy of Ultimate Philippines and Tina Decal of Viejes del Sol..

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