Friday, May 15, 2009

Lucban Festival 2009

Location: Lucban, Quezon

Pahiyas means " decor " and every May 15 the facade of the houses are elaborately decorated with brightly decorated rice wafers called " KIPING". This is a type of rice dough made from traditional rice recipe. According to Tina Decal of Viejes del Sol, this kiping is the filipino version of the mexican taco. When the festival is over, these kipings are cooked and eaten as rice chips. Fruits, grains, vegetables and woven palm hats are used as additional decorations.

San Isidro labrador's image ( the towns patron saint ) is carried across town in a procession to assure the farmers of more bountiful harvests in the coming seasons. During the festival. people display their harvest in front of their homes for the parish priest to bless as the procession passes their homes. A competition is usually held during the festival. Families would compete for the title of " The Best Decorated House " after the competition the awards are handed over, the winning houses decorations will be thrown away to the huge flock of people as free treats. This is called " agawan "... What ever you catch is yours to keep!! It is indeed a joyous merriment for the Tayabasins ( that is what they are called ). You will never walk away with an empty stomach. It is a mouthful welcome to show how the people welcome their guests.

Food to try when you are in Lucban:

** Langonissang Lucban - is a garlicky slightly sour sausage that is quite similar to chorizo de bilbao, the famous garlic sausage from Spain.
** Budin or Casava Cake
** Hardinera - is like morcon

** Pancit habhab - very typical of the province... you will have to eat this dish without utensils. it is served on a piece of banana leaf and you have to shove it up your mouth... instead of using fish sauce ( patis ) you use vinegar... A word of advise when you are attending these festivals..
WATCH the calories when you are at it!!!

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