Thursday, February 4, 2010

Go Go Go BANAPPLE PIE and Cheesecake!!!..... a new dessert hangout in Katipunan, Quezon City

Banapple is a cakeshop/ coffeeshop along Katipunan extension. It was my second time around the Katipunan area and my son, Iggy suggested we have merienda at BANAPPLE.....before going to our photo shoot.  As we neared the place... there were lots of cars parked outside and we had a hard time trying to find a parking space. I decided to go in ahead and get a table.. as I entered ... all the tables were taken... there was a waiting time of at least 15 minutes... enough time to check out their dessert menu and choose which dessert I wanted to try.... The waitress told me that the best seller in BANAPPLE was their BANOFFEE PIE ( 80 PHP/slice ). I ordered that and Iggy had COFFEE TOFFEE ROCA ( 85 PHP/ slice ).

While waiting for our orders to be served I noticed the table tops... I liked the idea of using marbles as mosaic and each table had a different design on it.

Banoffee pie is a combination of bananas in a a pie with caramel filling. Banoffee has five layers - the graham crust, the toffee caramel also known as dulce de leche, chunks of fresh bananas, white cream for the icing and the shaved dark chocolate topping. But.... let me tell you what it is like when you sink your fork into the pie, lift a piece into your mouth and chew slowly......... appreciating the flavors, levels of sweetness and its textures.... Close your eyes and try to imagine what I am saying .......... Here we go.......

As your fork sinks into the pie to cut off a piece, your fork goes in smoothly. When you lift your fork, caramel tendrils swirl its way where a piece of the pie has been broken. As the piece enters your mouth.......allow the flavors of the pie come in contact with your tongue and the palate with each layer. I tell you .... every layer of the pie has a distinct flavor. As you start chewing a bit faster, the bananas get mashed into the creamy - sticky caramel then they mix with the slight crunchiness of the crust and the subtle bitterness of the shaved chocolate. YUMMMYYYYYY! The banoffee pie is a dessert to be savored. It isn't something you just pop into your mouth and hope it fills your tummy.... You have to  EXPERIENCE it slowly....

this is what Iggy ordered... COFFEE TOFFEE ROCA

The desserts  we ordered were great!!!!  NOT too sweet, not crumbly, and it balances out the sweetness of the bananas..... of course... you have to pair it off with a cup of good brewed coffee too!!!! Although  I was not able to ask if they have some SUGAR FREE desserts.

For mouthwatering desserts.... go to BANAPPLE !!! I'd definitely go back there again to try out the other desserts on the menu.... it is one of those places that I can see myself whiling the day away in.......

                                                         Go go go.... BANAPPLE!!!


225 Katipunan Avenue, Blue Ridge
Quezon City
Tel. nos.     ( 02 ) 439 - 2675


  1. nice place! any franchise in cebu?

  2. love the banoffee pie, honeylovin' crunch cake and myster-reese's pie.