Saturday, February 27, 2010

MAITRE CHOCOLATIER Boutique Cafe the answer to all choco-holic lovers!


Today ... I am celebrating the 7th month birthday of UNA... my grand daughter... Cris  ( her mom )  suggested that we should try a new eating place called MAITRE CHOCOLATIER in Makati.. ( just outside Bel Air Village, Makati ). The first thing that entered my mind was... " will it be BETTER than MAX BRENNER ??"... I am a chocolate lover ( or should i rather re-phrase it .. to  "WHITE CHOCOLATE lover " is more like it..). I LOVE chocolate especially when they are colored WHITE.. ( my kids know me -- no dark chocolates.. just WHITE will do! ). so I asked .. " will there be any WHITE CHOCOLATE on the menu??

MAITRE CHOCOLATIER opened last year with a promise to bring ONLY THE BEST to the Metro Manila's choco-holics. The store is located along Jupiter Street on the corner of Astra Street, Bel- Air Village, Makati City. My best landmark in finding this place is to look for the STARBUCKS  and RJ Bar. Unlike other chocolate shops, Maitre Chocolatier is far from the crowded malls thus it can be the secret place you can share with your family and friends. It is owned by Eva Wong. Maitre Chocolatier is her first retail business.  I found out that her family has been in the chocolate business for almost 25 years already. They are the exclusive distributor of Ferrero Rocher ( my favorite chocolate ), Toblerone, Lindt and Rittersport to name a few. As you can see all these chocolates I have mentioned come from Switzerland, Germany and Italy. I concluded that this Wong family knows their chocolates. It is in their blood!

Maitre Chocolatier offer an extensive selection of chocolate cakes and desserts. They also have a tempting gelato bar to make you stop dieting forever. I would suggest that you should come here in groups of 4 or 5 people so you can be able to sample more desserts.

We started off with a couple of chocolate tartlets and some milk chocolate squares in a miniature fish bowl.

Then our orders came....

Iggy and Cris had the FERRERO ROCHER HAZELNUT CRUNCH..... it is the most popular dessert in MAITRE CHOCOLATIER.

Since I love white chocolate... I ordered the VIRTUOUS TEMPTATION ( 237 PHP ) - it is while chocolate mousse cake topped with slices of fresh strawberries and Lindt's classic white chocolate... This was just very good!!

Both cakes were sinfully delicious!!!

Maitre is open everyday except Sundays from 10 am to 11 pm on weekdays, and on Fridays and Saturdays they are opened at 10 am to 2 am... They accept walk - in customers but since they are always full any time of the day... I suggest you have to make a reservation.

and when they say " ONLY THE BEST CHOCOLATE HAVEN for chocolate lovers " they really meant it!

I would give Maitre Chocolatier a 5 star rating for their sinful desserts... Hmmmm... I think I found the answer to my chocolate craving~~~... it's MAITRE CHOCOLATIER ! It is the best chocolate shop in Makati.



28 Jupiter Street
tel.nos.  897 8559  and 896 2529

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