Sunday, February 14, 2010

TAGAYTAY Revisited Dinner at the PAMANA RESTAURANT in Tagaytay

Pamana Restaurant was recommended to me by Rommel Diaz and Cha Pestano, since they have been there earlier and enjoyed the food. It's interiors are so nostalgic. I like how they placed the pictures on the walls, the arrangement of chairs and tables are also nice. I did not feel like I was in a restaurant but it felt like I was dining in an ancestral home somewhere in the province. It gives you a distinctly Filipino design flavor.

When we arrived around 7:30 pm , the place was already almost full and there were lots of reservations so we had to wait for 20 minutes in order to get a table for us. While waiting for the food to arrive, I decided to take some photos of the place. I found out that this place was actually a house that was converted into a restaurant.

Upon entering the place you will be greeted by a lot of homemade goodies for sale...

Pamana Restaurant is owned by Happy Ongpauco of the Barrio Fiesta Chain...a legacy of Filipino cuisine passed on thru generations. It was my first time to check out this restaurant and I was not disappointed. The food was good!!! the price was very affordable to anyone's budget.

Here is what we ordered:

mixed greens and tomatoes topped with crispy bagnet and served with bagoong Balayan. I loved this dish... I have been craving for the honest- to - goodness bagnet ( a dish from Norhern Luzon )... although it might not be the real mc coy but it was cooked the same way... it was GOOD!

tender , juicy Bonuan bangus from Dagupan cooked with tons of garlic.

If you lived along the " riles " you have not tried this yet. It is served sizzling hot and with toasted aligue....  a new twist in this  dish... I think it was very innovative... although sisig however you take a photo of this dish.... never comes out pretty in other words... not photogenic at all!! .... but let me tell you.... their version of the sizzling sisig is one of the best I have tried so far.

Our dessert was .... PINOY PANDU....  ( fondue )... there is a funny story behind this dish.. let me share it with you... I asked the waiter what he would recommend for  dessert... and he said.. " MAM, mayroon kami mga halo halo, mais con hielo " ... but I wanted something different.... so he said.. " try ho  ninyo yung aming PINOY PANDU..... masarap yun... may suman, espasol, cuchinta, puto at TSOKOLATE... so.... I said...  " try natin yun...SIGE isang PANDU ".... then the waiter disappeared. Luckily I had the menu beside me so I started to look for the dessert he just recommended a while ago.... I could not find it... Hmm.... i thought... " Baka bagong dessert... wala pa sa menu....".. I told the kids... we were going to have... PINOY PANDU..... then... after 10 minutes ... the waiter was back with..... our PINOY PANDU....

It was PINOY FONDUE all along ... Geez!!!! we all had a good laugh.... so... when you go over to Pamana Restaurant... do not forget to order..... PINOY PANDU ( pronounced fondue--- he he he ) !!!!!! ( 250 PHP ). It is the answer to your sweet tooth's craving.  It has slices of puto, cuchinta, espasol and suman served with hot chocolate.... you can call that PINOY FUSION!!!

Overall the Pamana restaurant experience is something any Filipino food lover should try. The delectable array of food items would bring back memories of our grandmother's cooking. The memorabilia on the resto's wall is a blast - from - the - past that would bring back the older generation to the good old days of the Sampaguita and LVN pictures while giving the younger generation a glimpse of how life was in the past. ...It's cozy ambiance is very relaxing to any traveler who has just reached Tagaytay after battling Manila's traffic.

so.... would I recommend this place??? DEFINITELY!!!!!!!! I am giving an 8 points to the food because of its traditional delicious taste and a 9 for the ambience of the place, value for money and our overall experience..

Try to visit the place if you happen to be in Tagaytay! Remember the name .... PAMANA Restaurant!

Pamana Restaurant
( beside THE BOUTIQUE bed & breakfast HOTEL )
Aguinaldo Highway
Tagaytay City, Cavite

Tel. nos. ( 046 ) 413 - 1885


  1. Oh wow.. to dine on that place, with a really amazing ambiance it would be like eating at an ancestral home..:)

  2. Now I am curious about the Pinoy Pandu! Haha! Malapit lang kami sa Tagaytay so I'll surely check on this! Thank you for sharing.