Monday, February 8, 2010

TAGAYTAY Revisited.... Day 1... part 1...... Amoroma Restaurant

Today I drove to Tagaytay together with Ernie Kamatoy ( my houseguest from the States ) and Iggy and his family for the weekend. A much needed break for both of us. Iggy had planned this trip a few weeks back with his friends and  I wanted to go with them... The agenda??? GOLF at the Evercrest Golf and Country Club ( formerly known as the Batulao Golf and Country Club)... and GOOD FOOD!!... One of Iggy's friends, Pen Mulingbayan ( another photographer ) had some restaurants lined up for us to try. All we needed was a HUGE APPETITE to see us thru the weekend....

Our first stop.... Amoroma Restaurant

I love Italian food and this was going to be my third time going back to this restaurant. Everytime I am in Tagaytay  I make sure... I drop by. The last time I was here was when Una was barely 2 months old.

Here is what we ordered ......

Fresh green salad with special balsamic dressing...

Amoroma Special Pizza with Truffles... every time I would order... this pizza was always included in my order. I loved the truffle shavings on the pizza.. usually when you order truffles in other restaurants they just put truffle oil. You should try this pizza!!!!!

a combination pizza that is 1/2 prosciutto and 1/2  five-cheese.... both pizzas we ordered were very good.  You should this one also!! In the 5 cheese pizza - they use gorgonzola cheese....  YUMMYYY!!

I think i was a foodie from day one... I have always enjoyed great food and good dining experiences. The pizzas/ pastas at Amoroma are truly authentic tasting dishes and will not set you back for an arm and a leg. I personally would love to have my own place at some point in my life, somewhere out  at the end of the day, drink a glass of wine and listen to my favorite music ( which is the  60's and 70's ).

After lunch we headed to Evercrest Golf and Country Club.... to check- in  our baggages.

The view from my room.......

The good thing about the hotel is.... all the rooms have a nice view of the golf course... Evercrest is nestled along a ridge of rolling hills and deep valleys and is refreshed by the scent of evergreen trees. It is enhanced by a cool mountain climate throughout the year...

The only thing I did not like with the EVERCREST GOLF and Country Club was... they do not have any internet service. When I asked them how come they were saying in all their brochures and handouts... they had " internet service " as an "added benefit "... I call that a misinterpretation on their part ... the lady at the front desk said... they were going to move me to a room on the second floor ( ROOM 201 )... which could access the internet... so... I agreed to be in that room. Can you imagine... such a big hotel... they only had ONE ROOM.. that could access an internet???? and the lady at the front desk told me that it was not a DELUXE room but a JUNIOR SUITE... so!!... I was waiting to hear her tell me... I had to ADD MORE MONEY for my room ( which I was not going to do anyway! )... SO... in case you are planning a weekend in EVERCREST... and you are planning to bring your laptop with you... REMEMBER to book ROOM 201--- " the ONLY ROOM in the hotel that has access to the internet ".

After checking into our rooms.... we all drove down to the junction of Nasugbu and Tuy, Batangas to meet up with the rest of the group...

Amoroma Restaurant
Barangay Tolentino
Tagaytay City, Cavite

Tel. nos. ( 046 )  696 3582

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  1. havent been to this resto since it transfered to tagaytay
    thankd for featuring it