Wednesday, February 10, 2010

TAGAYTAY Revisited LA TIENDA DE TUY with the family and friends...

We got to the meeting place .... the junction between TUY, Batangas  ( pronounced Too-Wee ) and Nasugbu, Batangas...  a little early that afternoon so Iggy decided to go and order some fresh coconut juice for all of us...

Una had her own coconut juice. I was impressed she nearly finished the whole juice.

Our next stop.... La Tienda de Tuy ..

La Tienda de TUY is located around 102 km from Manila, in Barangay Guinahawa, Tuy, Batangas. This restaurant is owned by Chito and Chato Zabarte. Chato whips up healthy and unique dishes for motorists who drop by to buy their fresh lettuce harvest in their farm.

When we got there the Zabartes were not in but I was able to interview the waitresses in the restaurant. According to the waitresses it all started almost 3 years ago... when they were just selling their organic lettuce. A short while after, their customers started asking for more than just the lettuces so Chato started to prepare them anything she could find in her kitchen. Before anyone knew it.... La Tienda was born!!!! it became a restaurant that was frequented by customers apart from their regular lettuce buyers.

Meet the group....

 Pen Mulingbayan ( Photographer / entrepeneur ), Marge Abas ( Accessories Designer/ Estrellas Manila), Patrick Guillemer ( Stylist/ Graphic Artist ), Henry Anima ( Fashion Photographer/ blogger ), Engie Mulingbayan ( Free lance Make-up Artist ).

Ernie Kamatoy ( Creative Director / Jewelry Designer ).

This is what we ordered....

Lemon-grass Iced Tea.... 15 PHP ..
You can buy this tea to take home.... it costs 75 PHP for a liter.

Fresh green salad....( this comes with all the main dishes we ordered ) and also the lemon grass iced tea...

St. Peter's Fish Meal ( 160 PHP )
a whole fish stuffed with lemon grass, steamed in its own juice and delicately flavored with turmeric, leeks, olive oil and their own vinagre balsamico with herbs and spices.

Grilled Chicken Meal   ( 160 PHP )
Fillet of skinless breast of chicken marinated in calamansi juice, garlic and spices, pan- fried and grilled to tenderness and drizzled with honey- mustard sauce.

Grilled Chicken Burger open sandwich  ( 80 PHP )
Ground pure lean chicken breast, no  skin, marinated in spices and grilled to perfection. Served with coleslaw and lots of farm fresh organic lettuce on whole wheat bread.

Balsamic Chicken Meal    ( 160 PHP )
Slices of skinless breast of chicken cooked in own vinagre Balsamico with herbs and spices.

These days customers from different places and the locals in nearby towns in Batangas personally visit their farm to buy lettuce.

Let us give our bodies that much needed break from the fast life and fast foods.... and indulge in what is healthy, nutritious, comforting and maybe medicinal and healing!


Happy healthy eating everyone!!

La Tienda de Tuy

Km 102 , Barangay Guinhawa
Tuy, Batangas

For reservations call (63916 ) - 397 7898

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