Sunday, October 11, 2009

Diary of an adventure to Eastern Europe.. Part 5 OSLO, Norway - The Vigeland Sculpture Park

The next stop Vigeland Sculpture Park- one of the tourist destinations of OSLO.

This park covers almost 80 acres and features 212 bronze and granite sculptures created by Gustav Vigeland. The Vigeland Sculpture Park is divided into sections like: the main gate, the bridge, the fountain, the monolith plateau and the eternal wheel of life. As it was rather a sunny day, there were lots of people and tourists on the grounds therefore we had to stick close together so we won't get lost. I took photos of my favorite sculptures.




It was quite a long walk but I didn't feel tired at all... there were lots of nice sculptures and I couldn't decide which one i would choose. We walked to the bridge and here I saw at least 50 sculptures. All these sculptures were clad in bronze and contribute to the " human condition " theme of the park. Also on this bridge was one famous sculptures of Vigeland, The Angry Boy. Unfortunately, this sculpture was against the sun and I tried taking it on all angles but it didn't come out well. In case you get to visit this park, don't forget to go and see " The Angry Boy ".


Further down... we reached the fountain.



Originally this fountain was designed to stand infront of the Parliament. It was fabricated in bronze and adorned with 60 reliefs portraying children and skeletons in the arms of trees. On the ground is black and white granite in mosaic tiles.

We went deeper into the park and up 4 flights of stairs ( according to our tour guide each flight had 29 steps ) and at the top... we were all awed by the magnificent sculpture of the Monolith. This was the highest point of the park and it is also considered the most popular attraction in the park. Did you know that the design of this monolith took Vigeland only 10 months ?? and this sculpture is 46 feet high and is composed of 121 sculptures rising towards the sky.


The sundial was made in 1930.


The last attraction to the park was the Wheel of Life which was created between 1933-1934. The wheel looks more like a wreath showing 4 people and a baby floating in harmony.


After all that walking we had lunch and after we proceeded to our next stop... The Viking Museum.

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