Sunday, October 11, 2009

Diary of an adventure to Eastern Europe.. Part 6 OSLO, Norway - The Viking Ship Museum

We had lunch at Brasserie 45 ..

then we went for a 2 hour break at the City Center to do a little shopping and souvenir hunting. The main department store in Oslo is GLASMAGASINET. H & M ( a new retail store for men and women ) had their main store at the center too. Norway doesn't accept EUROS and DOLLARS ( cash ) they would rather accept your credit cards or their currency, which is NORWEGIAN KRONER. For a traveler like me who really can't stay long in a place--- I had to make sure that I get to change enough KRONER ( since COPENHAGEN has DANISH KRONER and NORWAY has NORWEGIAN KRONER).... The stores and souvenir shops do not accept Danish Kroner.

The National Theater ....


next stop..... The Viking Ship Museum.

The Viking Ship Museum  has put on display the best preserved Viking Ships ever found. These ships were found in three royal burial mounds by the Oslo Fjord. They were buried more than 1100 years ago to carry their royal owners to " the other side ".

The museum also has on display the unique finds from the graves; such as small boats. sledges. textiles, kitchen utensils and the only carriage from the Viking Age ever to be found.

After the Viking Ship Museum... we proceeded to our last stop  ...The CITY HALL.

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