Sunday, October 18, 2009

Diary of an adventure to Eastern Europe.. Part 11 City Hall, The Royal Palace and Flea Market Stockholm, Sweden

Our next stop... The City Hall of Sweden...

The City Hall of Stockholm is one of the most beautiful and well known buildings in the world. It is also known for its hospitality, its unique treasures, grand ballroom and the yearly magnificent Nobel Banquet.

The Golden Hall ..

This Golden Hall is named for the 18 million pieces of gold mosaic and glass covering its walls. This large banquet hall can accommodate up to 700 people. This is where the Nobel Peace Prize Banquet is held every December. The mosaic figures on the walls represent important events in Sweden and the world.

The Golden Hall has many historically themed mosaics. The famous one is of Queen Christina of Sweden. Christina became queen of Sweden in 1632 at a very young age, but abdicated the throne in 1654 and moved to Rome. This mosaic shows her meeting the Pope with her crown in hand.

This is the table setting they use in their Nobel Peace Prize Banquet. According to our tour guide if you would like to sample the menu they serve that evening you can make a reservation here at the City Hall and they will cook the same food for you .... the price???? ..... 1500 EUROS per person!!!!

We went to the courtyard to take some souvenir shots and these are what I liked.

Then we proceeded to the Flea market...

Our last stop ..... The Royal Palace....

We went to the Royal Palace but they would not let us bring our cameras and cellphones inside the palace. We had to leave our  cameras and cellphones on the bus. We had to check-in our coats before entering the palace and..... they ushered us to a room where they gave us plastic like shoe socks to put on our shoes--- their reason for doing this was... they did not like us dirty the floors of the palace. As you enter the main lobby you will have to pass a metal scanner too.

Last agenda for the day.... we headed for the pier to go on an overnight cruise aboard Silja Serenade for Helsinki......

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