Saturday, October 17, 2009

Diary of an adventure to Eastern Europe.. Part 10 Skansen Open Air Museum Stockholm , Sweden

Our next stop.....Skansen Open Air Museum

The Skansen Open Air Museum is another branch of the Nordic Museum. The founder of the museum is Arthur Hazelius. It was built in 1891. Hazelius was concerned in saving something from the old Sweden before the development of industry had gone too far in changing the country. The old buildings were brought together here include a church and a manor house, Lapp dwellings , a summer grazing station, smallholder's cottages and farm houses.

Over the years they were able to restore 150 old buildings of historical interest.

Here are some of the houses I saw:

The old post office building..

This is what they call " appointment cottage ". Since swedish people now live in apartment buildings in the city they long for a place in the country side. So they apply for an " appointment cottage " which they can rent in the countryside and go on weekends to plant crops and flowers. Usually these cottages are awarded to them. The cottage itself is only 15 square meters enough to hide the farm equipment, seeds for planting, and a small bed.

Their city hall..

Their Church ...

We watched a demonstration of their glass blowing. It was very interesting to see how they are still using the old style method in glass-blowing.

After the Skansen Open Air Museum tour we had lunch at a chinese restaurant named " BAMBOO ". I was hoping to take some photos of the food but we were all famished and I was not able to take any. I would recommend the mushrooms with oyster sauce, and their deep fried fish. In tours like this... usually one of our  meals.... chinese food is served... and from all the chinese food I have tasted in this trip... I liked this restaurant the best.  If you happen to go to Stockholm and are longing for asian cuisine... try the Bamboo Restaurant. The staff of the restaurant are very friendly.

After lunch ... the next part of the tour was the City Hall and the Flea Market...

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