Saturday, October 31, 2009

Singapore Weekend..... Sentosa Island and Vivo City

Went to Singapore this weekend with my sister, cousin and a very good friend. We stayed at the Marriot Hotel on Orchard Street. This was my opportunity to go on tours with my camera again...

My first stop.... Sentosa Island...

The largest Merlion replica is found in Sentosa.  The Merlion (half lion - half fish statue) is 37 meters high and has 320 scales sculptured from glass- reinforced concrete. What I heard is that at night the scales will glow in different colors. You can take a trip to the top floor and be rewarded with a panoramic view of  Sentosa and Singapore's southern shores.

Images Singapore..
here you will experience the colorful culture and vibrant heritage of Singapore, retold in life-size images and special effects.

On our way to the Butterfly farm I saw a snake charmer. I wanted to have a photo with the albino snake but he was charging too much for just a photo.

The Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom....

Visiting the Butterfly Park and Insect Kingdom is quite interesting.. You will come up close and personal to see  more than 1500 live butterflies in the lush green surroundings in the outdoor sanctuary.

There were also birds in the garden.....

The exhibits found inside the garden.....

These are the  national butterflies of the world, beetles of Singapore and South East Asia. In the garden you can see parrots which you can have a photo taken with them.

Here are some photos of what I saw inside the garden.

Took the Sky Tower ride ....
It is Singapore's tallest public viewing tower... it gives you the 360 degree view of the island. Also known as the Carlsberg Tower has a seating capacity of 72 persons in its air-conditioned and enclosed cabin. It stands at 135 meters above sea level.

We took the tram ride to see other sites in the island. We passed the Dolphin Lagoon and the Underwater  World. We were hesitant to visit these places because the weather started to change and it looked like it was going to rain. So we took the monorail back to the city.

The admission to this butterfly farm is $10 dollars for adults and $6 dollars for children.

Spent the afternoon in Vivo City.

According to my friend it is now the biggest mall in Singapore. It is a good place to unwind on a weekday when there are not so many people there. It is situated at the Harbor Front next to the Keppel Harbor. Here are some photos I took...

Photos taken on the SKY PARK..
It is located on the roof deck of Vivo City. Here you can get a panoramic view of the harbor front and Sentosa Island.

One of the restaurants I liked was the Food Republic......found on the 3rd floor.

And this is what they serve...

 If you are planning to visit Singapore .. try not to miss out on Vivo City.

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