Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Diary of an adventure to Eastern Europe.. Part 8 Stockholm, Sweden

Our wake up call today was at 4:30 am. It was so cold ( I left the window in our room opened before I went to sleep last night )..... According to the news on television the temperature was registering at 7 degrees..... I had to get dressed and drag my suitcase down to the lobby and have a quick breakfast ( the hotel was kind enough to prepare breakfast -- on goodie bags for the group). Our bus left at 6:00 am for the train station.

Got to the train station... had to carry my luggage ( no porters available that early in the morning )... to the platform and wait for the train that was scheduled to arrive at 7:00 am .... We all had 20 minutes to get our suitcases into the train. The plan was.... the MEN will help the women put their suitcase on the train.... but... when the train came.... we all found out we were standing in the wrong platform.... we all had to run and try to board as fast as we can.... The train never waits for anyone ... it always leaves on time.... and that day it did leave on time... Thank God ... we were all able to get in .... ON TIME!!

The train would have short stops on each station either to let passengers down and pick up passengers... ( we were disembarking on the last STOP ) on one of the many stops .... my 2 friends Mike and James jumped down to take a cigarette break.... The stop was so short... ( about 4 minutes )... They nearly got left was good Mike had his foot on the door.... and when the doors started to close.... he pulled James into the train again...

I took shots of the countryside... most of the group went back to sleep.

after 6 hours.... we reached Stockholm.

We were met by our tourist guide ( this time there was a porter that helped us with our suitcases )... and we were off to lunch and then a tour around the city.

Here are some sights we saw on our way to lunch.

The World Trade Center

The National Museum.

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