Monday, October 26, 2009

diary of an adventure to Eastern Europe.. Part 19 Peter Paul Fortress.... St. Petersburg, Russia

our next stop... Peter Paul Fortress

The Peter Paul Fortress was the first structure that Peter the Great built in 1703. Today it is one of the famous landmarks in St. Petersburg. It was used as a political prison for  centuries and the cathedral holds the tombs of the Romanov Czars, from Peter the Great to Alexander III. This cathedral was the first church that was built of stone. On top of the cathedral's gilded spire stands a magnificent golden angel holding a cross. This weathervane is one of the most prominent symbols of St. Petersburg. Its spire stands 404 feet tall and is considered the tallest building in the city.

Inside the Cathedral....

The tombs of the Czars of Russia.

We were then ushered to a room in the Cathedral to listen to gregorian music and after the 20 minutes presentation we bought their CD's.

A view outside the Fortress..

Bronze statue of Peter the Great..

I found the baroque architecture of the cathedral fascinating, especially it is so different from the other Russian Orthodox churches.

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